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Advisor's Ring
General Information



Entire Body

+1 spellcasting and heals mana.


toggle long dirs / reverse dirs
From Heart: e, swim, 4w, 4s, 4e, ne, se, 2e, 2n, u, s, se, e, use purple stone
From Heart: e; swim; w; w; w; w; s; s; s; s; e; e; e; e; ne; se; e; e; n; n; u; s; se; e; use purple stone

toggle long dirs / reverse dirs
From Purple Chalice: 2n, u, s, sw, w, search until a passage opens, w, kill the dudes, dest all corpse, get stone, 2e, ne, se, e, use stone, kill guards, kill prophet, dc, get advisor's ring
From Purple Chalice: n; n; u; s; sw; w; search until a passage opens; w; kill the dudes; dest all corpse; get stone; e; e; ne; se; e; use stone; kill guards; kill prophet; dc; get advisor's ring