General Information

40 Hitpoints, 40 Fatigue


banish [item]


30 Wil



Class: Cleansing

Strike inwardly praised the success of the latest training exercise. A group of warlocks had been caught unprepared by a squad of his newest trainees, and had become the focus of an excellent 'object lesson.' One of the spellcasters had been wearing a rare pair of Gauntlets of Ogre Power, which Strike now held up for the entire group to see. 'I will now demonstrate a new way to make sure these artifacts do not fall into the wrong hands,' Strike said. Swiftly slicing his arm with a razor-sharp dagger, Strike let his blood flow over the arcane armor. A loud hissing sound was heard, and when the choking black smoke finally cleared, the Gauntlets were gone.

Successful banishment of limited items will result in a randomly determined infusion of power within the Mageslayer.