Esmerelda's Enchanters:
                  cost <weapon>      Shows you the cost of enchanting
                                      <weapon> any color.

                  enchant <color>    Enchants the weapon you are
                                     currently wielding <color>.

                  red                Gives the weapon a flaming aura
                                     that causes magic flame damage
                                     when the weapon is used.

                  blue               Chills the weapon down to a
                                     very low temerature causing the
                                     weapon to do magic cold damage.

                  cyan               Charges the weapon with an
                                     electric aura that causes
                                     the weapon to do electric

                  green              Infuses the weapon with a
                                     poisonous aura that causes
                                     the weapon to do poison

                  white              Places a holy aura around
                                     the weapon causing it to do
                                     holy damage.

                  black              Puts an unholy aura on the
                                     weapon causing it to do unholy


toggle long dirs / reverse dirs
From Heart: e, swim, [find the carpet], ride carpet, 3n, 4e, enter city, s, 2e, n
From Heart: e; swim; [find the carpet]; ride carpet; n; n; n; e; e; e; e; enter city; s; e; e; n