Evaluation (often shortened to 'eval') shows your basic/relative evaluation. It is displayed when you use the 'score' command.

Basic Evaluation

Basic evaluation reflects your statistics and skills. It does not necessarily indicate a player's power, since a high charisma or a high skill in embroidery can give the illusion that a player is more powerful.

Title Range Title Range
Insect 1-5 Terrific 93-100
Newbie 6-12 Awesome 101-110
Novice 13-25 Radical 111-120
Average 26-45 Coolness 121-130
Better 46-55 Wow! 131-150
Skilled 56-65 Ugh 151-160
Advanced 66-75 Bleah 161-199
Expert 76-85 Insane 200+
Master 86-92


Evaluation is not an approximation of the power of a character, only a ranking of the amount of experience they have spent. The consider command is still recommended to get a better determination of the strength of a character.