The Captain's Cabin

Dominating the rear wall of the captain's cabin, a large expanse of windows show you the glory of the night sky. A large moon rests on the horizon, with a backdrop of glowing stars scattered behind it and around it as the sea scatters the moonlight into a silver road. A large mahogany desk stands in front of the door, and behind it a sumptuous leather chair looks out at the ocean, and the wake of the ship behind, a glowing V of sea foam. Inside, highly polished lanterns glow with a warm yellow light, showing pictures and bookshelves lining the walls. Soft, rich Persian rugs lie scattered across the floor, maroon, black and white patterns adding to the comfort of the room. The walls are paneled in dark wood, stained a deep reddish brown and with the patina of age. Against the wall you can see the bed which seems to beckon in the warm glow of the room, its covers turned back invitingly.


toggle long dirs / reverse dirs
From Heart: 5w, 2d, 5n, pay guard, 3n, 7e, 2s, 3w, 4s, board boat, climb aboard, starboard, open door, stern, aft
From Heart: w; w; w; w; w; d; d; n; n; n; n; n; pay guard; n; n; n; e; e; e; e; e; e; e; s; s; w; w; w; s; s; s; s; board boat; climb aboard; starboard; open door; stern; aft

Game play


Disarming a mob is an incredibly powerful skill. As the skill says, your skill is matched versus many factors. Learning which mobs can and cannot be disarmed is key. It is also useful to know whether disarming is critical or necessary, as this determines whether you open with enrage or swing or by disarming. Usually opening with another move is preferable to disarm.

Disarming an opponent may cause them to drop the weapon, making it terribly inconvenient to use in the arena as items cannot be picked up.


Aggressive Stance

This stance focuses on maximizing attacks with main hand and offhand. Attempts to slow or stop attacks are very few. Ripostes in this stance are rare.

Balanced Stance

This stance focuses on a balance between attacking and slowing or stopping attacks. With moderate skill, this will mostly slow attacks. More ripostes than Aggressive. Offhand attacks are rare.

Defensive Stance

This stance focuses purely on defense, slowing main hand attacks and never attacking with offhand. Frequently stops attacks entirely while slowing the remainder. Very few attacks make it through with moderate skill. Very useful for dangerous mobs, or those that cannot be disarmed.



On a successful swing, everything in the room will be surprised, 'any' current combat rounds, and combat will begin with any and all mobs in the room. When successful, swing will delay the attacks of all hostile combatants for a decent amount of time, very useful against many low level mobs. On an unsuccessful swing, current combat will not be stopped, and if combat has not been initiated, all mobs will laugh at you.

It is important to note that because combat begins immediately on a successful use, it is highly recommended that you peer before you swing.

Useful Alias'
alias swn swing north
alias sws swing south
alias swe swing east
alias sww swing west
alias swu swing up
alias swd swing down
alias swne swing northeast
alias swnw swing northwest
alias swse swing southeast
alias swsw swing southwest

Using Stab

Combat Tips & Tricks


Florentine Stances

  florentine stance <aggressive/balanced/defensive>


Proficiency Initial Cost
Knife 550
Light Flail 500
Light Sword 500
Artillery 1100
Pistol 700