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== Directions ==
== Directions ==

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toggle long dirs / reverse dirs
From Heart: 5w, 2d, 5n, pay guard, 3n, 7e, 2s, 3w, 4s, board boat, climb aboard, starboard, stern, open door, aft
From Heart: w; w; w; w; w; d; d; n; n; n; n; n; pay guard; n; n; n; e; e; e; e; e; e; e; s; s; w; w; w; s; s; s; s; board boat; climb aboard; starboard; stern; open door; aft

Game play



Florentine Stances

  florentine stance <aggressive/balanced/defensive>


Proficiency Initial Cost
Knife 550
Light Flail 500
Light Sword 500
Artillery 1100
Pistol 700