Harden Skin
General Information

60 mana




harden skin


30 str, 40 wil


This mystical ability has been handed down for centuries. It was originally developed by Yurk Hespat, a master disciple who wanted to improve his defense. He prayed to Ivr Kamba and received this power to harden one's skin, allowing additional resistance to damage in combat. Rumors of adept disciples who have mastered the skill that can turn twice their size and make their skin as hard as stone are frequent gossip in the guild. You could probably withstand a thousand bricks impacting upon your body with this skill. Hardening one's skin takes much concentration, thus it may not be used on others. Only those of the Red Disciples are strong enough to learn the teachings of Ivr Kamba.


This skill comes in handy before any combat and is generally kept permanently on by playing Red's. It gives resistances to the following damage types:

  • Blunt
  • Crushing
  • Edged
  • Piercing

Use redstatus to see the status of your skin.