Sharpen Limbs
General Information

30 mana




sharpen limbs


40 wil


Yet another one of Ivr Kamba's precious gifts to the Brotherhood the ability to reform your bone structure in your limbs into lethal, sharpened versions. The morphed effects lasts for only a while, and when time is up, your limbs will change back to the way they were before. If you are wearing anything on your hands when you use the skill, they may be damaged, due to your sudden unnatural change in structure.

Game play

While this skill used to be the primary damage point of the guild, increases in hands weapons damage and speed leave it rarely used. While it can be handy for killing a monster or two getting your favourite weapon it poses little other use as it will prevent you from wearing any hands or feet armor, as well as rings while it is in effect. In fact, if you wearing any of the previous when you sharpen your limbs and they will be destroyed.