A Small Gold Wristwatch
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A Large Run-Down Shop



This fine timepiece has withstood the test of time. It is in fantastic condition, but it looks like it could be as old as Grandfather Time himself. The entire watch is solid gold, except for the black face. It is so shiny, if you were to hold it just right, you could very easily 'view' your own 'reflection'. There is a primitive alarm feature, allowing the owner to 'change alarm to 03:41' or 'change alarm to 17:29' or any other 24-hour time. You can also simply 'change alarm off'. There is a tiny inscription: Hand crafted by Poi on behalf of LLamaCo.


This can be purchased in A Large Run-Down Shop in Yxuxacta.


To check the time, simply: look watch

To set an alarm, do: change alarm to 03:41

To disable the alarm, do: change alarm off

To check what pieces of armor you are wearing (and to see if you're missing any protection): view reflection