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From Heart: 5w, 2d, 5n, pay guard, 3n, 2e, 2n, 2e, n, ne, nw, n, ne, e, ne, 2n, e, 3n, w, nw, sw, w, sw, s, 2w, nw, 2w, 3n, ne, n, ne, n, ne, ne, n, e, ne, ne, 2n, nw, 12n, e, search thorns, swing vine, squeeze gap, s, middle, 4s, u, n, e, s, e, n, e, s
From Heart: w; w; w; w; w; d; d; n; n; n; n; n; pay guard; n; n; n; e; e; n; n; e; e; n; ne; nw; n; ne; e; ne; n; n; e; n; n; n; w; nw; sw; w; sw; s; w; w; nw; w; w; n; n; n; ne; n; ne; n; ne; ne; n; e; ne; ne; n; n; nw; n; n; n; n; n; n; n; n; n; n; n; n; e; search thorns; swing vine; squeeze gap; s; middle; s; s; s; s; u; n; e; s; e; n; e; s


  • Must be under eval 25
  • At least 30 int
  • Joining the guild does 70 damage
  • If you lose your brand due to death, you can implore Cahle for brand


Skill Initial Cost
Acceleration 1200
Armor Lore 1500
Deceleration 1500
Diminish 1700
Enhance 1500
Glow 800
Group Shield 2000
Haven 2500
Home 800
Instill Loyalty 2000
Kickme 900
Safety 1500
Still 2500
Strengthen 2000
Ward 1200
Weaken 2000
Weapon Lore 1500


Proficiency Initial Cost
Knife 1000
Light Club 1500
Staff 1300
Wand 1000