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There are six primary stats, and these represent your abilities.

The Command

Typing list stats will give you a list of your current stats excluding buffs.


Strength (str)

How strong you are. Raising your strength allows you to carry more, deal a greater amount of damage in combat, and increases your maximum hitpoints.

Intelligence (int)

How smart you are. Raising your intelligence increases your maximum amount of mana and can make casting certain spells and skills more effective.

Willpower (wil)

How strong your endurance is. Raising your willpower helps you regain hitpoints and fatigue back faster, and increases your maximum fatigue.

Constitution (con)

How healthy you are. Raising your constitution will increase your maximum hitpoints and fatigue.

Dexterity (dex)

How agile you are. Raising your dexterity allows you to dodge better in combat situations and affects how many attacks you get per combat round.

Charisma (chr)

How charming you are. Raising your charisma will result in lower prices in the shops when you buy items, and higher prices when you sell. In fact, many shopkeepers will not deal with you unless a certain ratio of your total number of stats is charisma.

Note: chr must = 1/12 total stats (to sell in most shops)


Hit points

Hitpoints are a numerical representation of the damage your player can take before she / he / it dies. If your player's hitpoints drop below 1, you will become incapacitated, and if they drop below the negative value of your constitution, you will die.

  • hp = str*2 + con*3
  • hp (dwarf) = str*2.5 + con*3 (trunc)
  • hp (draconian) = str*2 + con*2
  • hp (pig) = str*2.25 + con*3.5 (trunc)


Mana is a numerical representation of the mental and magical power your player has to draw from. Some races, such as androids, have no mana. Mana is used when querying monsters, and in the casting of spells.

  • mana = int*3 + wil*2
  • mana (draconian) = int*4.5 + wil*3.5 (trunc)


Fatigue is a numerical representation of your physical and mental stamina. Fatigue is used each time you attack in combat, even if you are not wielding a weapon, and by some skills.

  • ftg = con*2 + wil*3
  • ftg (pig) = con*2 + wil*2

Increasing Stats

To raise your stats, you need to go to the Temple of the Ages. Commands of note will be: cost and raise

Example technique

You can raise your stats however you wish, but this may be a reasonable approach:

  • Raise Primary stats to around 60-80, proficiency and primary skills to 20
  • Raise a proficiency to 30 and a couple of primary skills to 30
  • Primary stat to 200, 100 for the other stats
  • 40 proficiency and skills
  • Primary stat to 300, 150 for other stats
  • etc