A wide variety of magical diseases, curses, and ailments can be healed here


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From Heart: e, swim, 11e, 4s, e, 3s, e, 4s, w, 2s, e, 2s, 2sw, 2e, nw, n, 3w, 2s, 16w, 7n, 2w, 2s
From Heart: e; swim; e; e; e; e; e; e; e; e; e; e; e; s; s; s; s; e; s; s; s; e; s; s; s; s; w; s; s; e; s; s; sw; sw; e; e; nw; n; w; w; w; s; s; w; w; w; w; w; w; w; w; w; w; w; w; w; w; w; w; n; n; n; n; n; n; n; w; w; s; s


       Crimson-tinged sunlight spills through the dozens of windows in the
temple, fractured into a million splintered colors by the stained-glass. The
effect is quite dazzling. Silent figures move back and forth in the back and
sometimes come to the altar in the middle of the templeto heal people. You
can see many of the remaining citizens of Chaos City and travelers gathered
around the altar, all needing to be healed.

---- The only obvious exit is north.


heal disease/curse/etc.

Price to heal

Varies by ailment, but at least 5,000 coins