Mudlet Code

I use Mudlet as my client. You can find my Mudlet code on GitHub.


prompt %c[yellow]%g%G%O%R%I%M%c[norm]>

Stuff to Buy

buy guide
buy calculator
buy chat
buy contacts


color default

color damval0 black
color damval1 bold black
color damval2 bold white
color damval3 white
color damval4 bold cyan
color damval5 cyan
color damval6 bold blue
color damval7 blue
color damval8 bold yellow
color damval9 yellow
color damval10 bold green
color damval11 green
color damval12 bold red
color damval13 red
color damval14 bold purple
color damval15 purple
color damval16 bold black
color your_attack bold green
color hp5 cyan
color hp6 white
color hp1 bold black
color bid green
color sold green
color outbid bold red
color info yellow
color buyback yellow
color dodge bold black
color block bold black
color resist bold black
color critical red

color incapped bold black
color deaths_door red
color nasty_wounds bold red
color pretty_hurt yellow
color slightly_wounded bold yellow
color few_scratches green
color perfect bold green


alias 0 l chalice
alias 1 fill 500 hp
alias 2 fill 500 mana
alias 3 fill 500 ftg
alias al alias
alias bcg buy cookies to go
alias bcl buy calculator
alias bd buy dagger
alias bef buy 3
alias beh buy 1
alias bem buy 2
alias bg buy guide
alias bhc bulk enhance pack
alias bi ride birdie
alias bmu beam me up
alias bp buy pie
alias bpc buy purple chalice
alias brt buy rtimer
alias bt buy tequila
alias bw blow whistle
alias c cost
alias ca cost all
alias cb cross bridge
alias cc change channel to
alias cg cost -g
alias ch7 challenge mk7
alias ch8 challenge mk8
alias civ climb in vent
alias cm consider monster
alias cn cant
alias cs cost -s
alias cut climb under tree
alias cw climb wall
alias da pinch daisy
alias dc Dest all corpse
alias de dismount eagle
alias def drink green elixir
alias deh drink blue elixir
alias dem drink yellow elixir
alias df drain 20 ftg
alias dh drain 20 hp
alias dhi drink elixir of blue liquid
alias dis Disarm
alias dm drain 20 mana
alias dt drink tequila
alias ec enter camp
alias ee enter encampment
alias em enter mirror
alias ep enter portal
alias eq equip all
alias es enter solace
alias et eternal
alias f eat pickle
alias fa force agility
alias ff drink green liquid
alias ga get all
alias gaa get all armor
alias gac get all from corpse
alias gaw get all weapon
alias gc get coins
alias gcp get coins from pack
alias ge group emote
alias gfe get green elixir from pack
alias gfp get green elixir from pack
alias gh 'grey havens
alias ghp get blue elixir from pack
alias gls group say /last
alias gmp get yellow elixir from pack
alias gra group accept
alias gsp get stick from pack
alias gst group status
alias gtp get tequila from pack
alias ha say hamburglar
alias hr heighten reflex
alias hs harden skin
alias k kill
alias kam kill all
alias kku kneel kurblax 
alias km kill monster
alias le leave encampment
alias li light stick
alias lis look into sphere
alias lm look monster
alias lm2 look monster 2
alias lm3 look monster 3
alias lm4 look monster 4
alias lm5 look monster 5
alias ls leave solace
alias lt tell /last 20
alias ma mark all
alias me mount eagle
alias mh mount horse
alias mi enter mirror
alias od open door
alias of open hatch
alias og open gate
alias pa put all
alias pb push button
alias pcp put coins in pack
alias pd peer down
alias pda pick daisy
alias pe peer east
alias pep put all elixir in pack
alias pie eat pie
alias pl pull lever
alias pn peer north
alias pne peer northeast
alias pnw peer northwest
alias pp push panel
alias ppp put penis in pack
alias ppr pull purple rope
alias profs list proficiencies
alias ps peer south
alias pse peer southeast
alias psp put stick in pack
alias psw peer southwest
alias ptp put all tequila in pack
alias pu peer up
alias pw peer west
alias pwd look
alias qi request inspiration
alias qm query monster
alias r rest
alias ra raise
alias rb read book
alias re retrieve
alias rs redstatus
alias sa sell all
alias saa sell all armor
alias saw sell all weapon
alias sc score
alias set1 setting 1
alias set2 setting 2
alias set3 setting 3
alias shs shave self
alias sk skills
alias skills list skills
alias sm strike monster
alias sn snatch
alias sp solve puzzle
alias ss strike
alias ssb set saberstyle balance
alias ssd set saberstyle defense
alias st stand
alias stats list stats
alias stl steal
alias stu stupor
alias ua use amulet
alias ud unlock door
alias uo use orb
alias uq unequip all
alias uqw unequip weapon
alias uw unwield weapon
alias whop who -pms eval
alias whopi who -pms eval -f i:900
alias wt watch tv
alias ww wield weapon
alias x hp
alias y reply
alias z cleanup

Contacts Options

contact options all clear
contact options inventory -a -c -g -q
contact options look -a -c -D -g -q
contact options peer -a -c -D -g -q
contact options glance -a -b -c -g -q