Vow of Silence
General Information

pledge silence


100 wil + 10 wil per point


Silence provides the clearness of mind necessary to gain the most from the teachings of Ivr Kamba.


The skill will be active for one hour. When you log out or go net-dead, the skill's timer will be paused until you return.

There are significant penalties for breaking your vow. During the vow you will be unable to communicate with others except through your actions. You may not use say, tell, channel, legchat, custom emotes, or anything else along those lines. You may use the 'tell' command to communicate with immortals of the Wizard level or higher. The 'reply' command will also work, but it is recommended that you not use it.

If you find a way to work around the communication block and are caught using it, you will be punished. Likewise, logging on two characters at once while using this skill will also be punished.

Use redstatus to see the status of your vow.

Game play

Could safely be renamed the 'free xp' skill, as once your hour of self imposed silence is over you'll be rewarded with an experience bonus based on how much xp you've actually earned as well as your wil and skill level.

However do be careful that you don't accidentally break the vow, the first break merely wipes out your bonus and subsequent breaks lead to loss of wil stats.