Bone Club
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Light Club





This club is made from a bone of some long-extinct animal. You are startled by its lightness, but then realize that the bone came from a bird-like animal, and is in fact hollow. The narrow end of the bone is wrapped in leather, but the rest has a rough, abrasive texture. The whole thing has a slight curve to it, and the opposite end from the leather wrapping is considerably larger with some sort of tooth imbedded in it.


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From Desert: [find tablet], place hand on indentation, 3n, ne, climb down, 3n, d, n, kill serpent, get mask from corpse, s, 3nw, place mask, 2nw, d, 3nw, w, kill all, get stake, e, sw, kill all, place stake in pool, unwield, wield stake, kill Apep, extract fangs, s, 3se, u, 2se, place mask, 3se, u, 3s, u, se, s, w, reach into hole, e, 4s, 2e, place eyes in statues, present fangs
From Desert: [find tablet]; place hand on indentation; n; n; n; ne; climb down; n; n; n; d; n; kill serpent; get mask from corpse; s; nw; nw; nw; place mask; nw; nw; d; nw; nw; nw; w; kill all; get stake; e; sw; kill all; place stake in pool; unwield; wield stake; kill Apep; extract fangs; s; se; se; se; u; se; se; place mask; se; se; se; u; s; s; s; u; se; s; w; reach into hole; e; s; s; s; s; e; e; place eyes in statues; present fangs