Crimson City Casino
General Information


A Casino for losing money in Crimson City. You can also enter the Matrix Cabal here.

Gaudy lights and the sounds of bells and jingling money surround you. The Casino is Crimson City's main generator of revenue, and gamblers can be found everywhere. This area is mainly full of slot machines, and poker and blackjack tables can be found in nearby rooms.


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From Heart: w, s, read book, 8s, e
From Heart: w; s; read book; s; s; s; s; s; s; s; s; e



The green slot machine is the slot game:

This is a simple slot machine, with a lever on one side.  If you want to
play, type 'play green slots'.  It will cost you 100 coins to play.  Here are
the payoffs:

         1 sun   =  50 coins     3 clouds            =  500 coins
         2 suns  = 100 coins     3 lightning bolts   = 1000 coins
         3 suns  = 150 coins     3 green jackpots    = 5000 coins
         *********** 3 MONEYBAGS = PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT ***********