Ken's Bar
General Information


XP Range:

494 - 230,000




toggle long dirs / reverse dirs
From Door: 4s
From Door: s; s; s; s


Mob XP Notes
Ant Man 494
Bouncer 69,344
Benalish Hero 65,025
Susan Richards 55,696 Invisible. In the same room as Ant Man
Queen Latifah 72,002
Aquaman 12,100
Beast 80,190
Gambit 168,684 Sells drinks
Puck 152,100 Special throws you out of the bar. Don't attack when he's in the is annoying
Batman 151,632 Kicks you out of the room when you attack him. Annoying.
Rorschach 108,984
Superman 252,540 Punches you back to the Heart. Ultra-annoying.
Swamp Thing 121,838 He'll poison you while attacking
Duddly Do Right 104,131
Flash 117,877 Fast bastard
Shadowy Figure 113,490 You don't see him, but if you consider or look monster, he'll sometimes be in the room.
Vision 139,377
Waiter 1,877
Peter Parker 112,896 Will attack at the same time as Spiderman
Spiderman 115,153 Will attack at the same time as Peter Parker
The Caped Avenger 494
Ultraman 92,085
Vampirella 40,000 Will entrance you...not worth the XP
Wolverine 230,186 Wields the Pair of Adamantium Claws. Fear this.