Mummified Assassin's Hand
General Information

This is the hand of a now dead assassin. It appears to have been at least partially mummified. It is pale and greenish with black under its fingernails. Bandages are wrapped around much of it, but are greyed and have dark stains upon them.


Do NOT pick this up. It will latch on to you and attempt to strangle you until you die. Each strangle does 21 HP in damage. It attempts a strangle about once every 1.5 seconds.

Attempts at Removing the Hand

The following will not work to remove the hand:

  • remove hand
  • drop hand Spammed (tested at 165 Str)
  • burn hand with a torch or stick
  • flush hand at the Dentist's Office toilet
  • heal disease at the Temple of Healing
  • read scroll on a Scroll of Remove Curse
  • Force Pull by a Padawan
  • block hand
  • break hand
  • stop hand
  • unravel hand
  • eat hand
  • tickle hand
  • throw hand
  • hold hand
  • wield hand
  • search hand
  • study hand
  • kill hand
  • look bandages
  • look fingers
  • give hand to monster

What Works

A Dark Heart can rot the hand off of you via rot mummified hand of [target].