Mysterious Cloak
General Information



Near Namek Tower

Turns your race to Namek. You must be a Namek in order to enter the Namek Tower.

WARNING: If you find your way to the Mines cabal and happen to stray too close to Justin's tent, he'll auto attack you if you're wearing this cloak.


toggle long dirs / reverse dirs
From Heart: 3n, 6e, 3s, e, s, change channel to 4, watch tv, w, sw, 2s, 2sw, 2w, nw, n, w, 4n
From Heart: n; n; n; e; e; e; e; e; e; s; s; s; e; s; change channel to 4; watch tv; w; sw; s; s; sw; sw; w; w; nw; n; w; n; n; n; n