Red Amulet
General Information

set amulet, gaze amulet, use amulet

This is an item that allows you to teleport to wherever the amulet's pearl is (which you get via set amulet).


toggle long dirs / reverse dirs
From Heart: 5w, n, kill guard, n, e, (up sometimes), kill courtiers
From Heart: w; w; w; w; w; n; kill guard; n; e; (up sometimes); kill courtiers


To get an amulet's pearl, do: set amulet. This places a Red Pearl in your inventory. That pearl will be what you teleport to when you use amulet.

Use gaze amulet to view where the pearl is. Note: You cannot use an amulet from a no-teleport zone, though you can place a pearl in a no-teleport zone and teleport TO it.


The pearl just sits in a room and can be picked up by players. Remember, wherever the perl ends up is where you'll teleport to so be careful.