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From Heart: d, e, n, 3w, 6n, read book, n, 3w, 4n, 4e, n, cross, 3n, se, 2e, touch scarecrow, 3e, ne, 4n, 2e, 2s, push wall, 5s, read scratches, say money, 4n, open door, w, n
From Heart: d; e; n; w; w; w; n; n; n; n; n; n; read book; n; w; w; w; n; n; n; n; e; e; e; e; n; cross; n; n; n; se; e; e; touch scarecrow; e; e; e; ne; n; n; n; n; e; e; s; s; push wall; s; s; s; s; s; read scratches; say money; n; n; n; n; open door; w; n

To join, you must name and kill 2 players 5 evals greater than you.

You do this by: name <player>.