Stifling-Hot Cave
General Information

Able to take on 160k mobs



While this isn't exactly a paid service...if you go here (you have to be high enough to get by the auto-attacking gate guard), you can dip an edged weapon into the black pool and it gains a poison effect.


toggle long dirs / reverse dirs
From Elven Horse: 12e, 4s, enter, 2s, 2u, n, w, n, assist adon, 3n, 2nw, ne, nw, u, ne, 4e, 2s, se, 2s, 3e, se, 2e, ne, e, d, se, sw, crawl into cave, se, d, sw, w, sw
From Elven Horse: e; e; e; e; e; e; e; e; e; e; e; e; s; s; s; s; enter; s; s; u; u; n; w; n; assist adon; n; n; n; nw; nw; ne; nw; u; ne; e; e; e; e; s; s; se; s; s; e; e; e; se; e; e; ne; e; d; se; sw; crawl into cave; se; d; sw; w; sw


dip [weapon] will add poison damage to your weapon. Works on edged weapons.