General Information

50 Fatigue


upgrade [item1] with [item2]


25 Int



Adds an "Item Enchantment" to an item.

Unable and unwilling to make use of magical items, experienced Mageslayers often find it difficult to procure quality armor or weapons. Instead of compromising their fight against sorcery, guild members are constantly devising experiments to find ways of improving the standard combat equipment.

Skillfull Mageslayers are often capable of combining 2 small items into a larger, more capable item.

Examples: (order is important)

Item 1 Item 2 Yield
staff knife spear
light club knife hatchet
light axe light sword halberd
light polearm light club glaive
light club hands great-club
light flail light club nunchaku
bow rifle crossbow
knife knife katar
plate gauntlets leather gloves reinforced gauntlets
chain mail suit studded leater suit refinforced suit